First established in 1989, MIZEN Fine Art International opened its doors in the heart of Paris in 2005. The Gallery displays different artists of unique skills and specialisations, chosen by Mario Rizzardo and Mika Obata.

The Julia Spazio d’Arte Association, founded in December 2017, has as its main goal the establishment of the Diffuse Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC LULA). The museum is located in Lula, a small town in Sardinia composed of 1,500 inhabitants. Dedicated to Sardigna and Lula in particular, the establishments of Mac Lula represents an artistic event of a high collective value and a sign of an enriching intellectual & cultural development.

The new Cardona district in Milan, promoted by the Plana Cultural Association, joins the existing Milanese realities with the aim of enriching this nerve centre with a series of events in collaboration with the Salone del Mobile and other important events by putting the city in international interest and attracting visitors globally.

Born in Japan, Sisyu devoted herself to calligraphy since the age of six (6). After relocating to Tokyo Sisyu began her career as a professional artist and calligrapher. She then became famous for the incorporation of calligraphy into forms of art, such as painting, sculpture and multimedia arts.

The Council of Culture, active since 2009, aims to promote culture as a fundamental component of the development of the market sector and an element of territory attractiveness. It promotes corporate culture and art as an entrepreneurial vocation through dialogue with the Milanese cultural institution and the organisation of conferences, meetings & events.


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