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Neven Zoricic – Liburnus

13 May 2021 - 29 May 2021

The Luciana Matalon Foundation is pleased to present the solo exhibition of the artist Neven Zoricic, “Liburnus” from 13th to 29th May 2021 

Paintings, drawings and sculptures are the testimony of the eclectic and “polymorphic” production of an artist with Croatian origin (as a matter-of-fact liburnus means Croatian in Latin). Zoricic’s works are tireless and passionate, combining continuous research with creativity and stylistic strictness. 

This exhibition brings together different landscapes and realistic portraits, with a touch of magic in it – like certain Latin American literature. His works are characterized by urban views and interior perspective such as the corner of the artist’s studio, where light is fundamental. Light that Bellunato describe as “sudden, twisted, involved flashes, it is not clear whether they are winning over the clouds or whether the clouds are about to veil them completely”. 

In Zoricic’s sculptures made out of cardboard, the use of light and visual references to history and mythology are paired with a transfiguration of portraits and forms. 

As Tuppini writes when he speaks of the sculpture “Lo scontro” (The Clash), that depicts the battle of St. George and the Dragon -, “if in the sculpture we can still imagine the friction of the monster on the bodies and a choked scream, the material in which St. George is made, where the encounter between the knight, the horse and the dragon is an interlocking of white folds, proliferating and virtually infinite, in which the spirit of battle has given way to the slow pleasure of combination”. 

Neven Zoricic was born in 1960 in Knin, Croatia. In 1986 he graduated in architecture from the University of Zagreb. In 1989 he moved to Milan, Italy. Here, he enrolled at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts that he attended for two years. Simultaneously they began working in the studio of the Architect Gino Pollini, one of the founders of Italian rationalism. For the next five years he was part of the team, of the architect and designer, Ettore Sottsass. In the meantime, he enriched his experience by collaborating with other architects such as Gae Aulenti. In 2007, he completed one of his most ambitious projects in which he combined architecture, design and painting, the “Greco de Vecchi” chapel in Bellagio. Since 2010 he has had various teaching experiences, including at the Castello Sforzesco Art School. From 1992 he has collected a series of personal exhibitions in Milan, Bellagio, Solaro and Civenna; among the group exhibitions, in 2016 he participated in the exhibition at the “Jankossen” gallery in New York. He currently lives in Garbagnate Milanese. 


TUESDAY ‘TO SATURDAY 10-13 and 14-19


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Foro Buonaparte 67, Milan

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Visitors are advised that access to the space is subject to the anti-covid measures currently in place for museums, galleries and exhibition spaces.

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  • Date: 13 May 2021 - 29 May 2021
  • Location:Luciana Matalon Foundation
  • Curators:Eleonora Ballista


Orari di apertura: martedì – sabato, 10 – 13 | 14 – 19 

Foro Buonaparte 67, 20121 Milano
Telefono: +39 02.878781
Email: [email protected]

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